Who are the Associated Members of the MEDports Association?

The MEDports Association is delighted to welcome our two latest Associated Members: the Mediterranean Training Institute for Maritime Professions (Institut Méditerranéen de Formation aux Métiers de la Mer, IMFMM) and the Port Training Institute of the Arab Academy for Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport (PTI).

It is a great opportunity to present the status of an Associated Member in the MEDports Association such as our current Associated Members.


To be an ordinary member of the MEDports Association, you have to be a Port Authority or assimilated in the Mediterranean region.

What if you are not and still interested by the objectives of the organization? If you are an organization or a commercial corporation linked with the maritime or port sector and you not representing Mediterranean ports, you can candidate to be an associated member of the MEDports Association.

Globally, you will participate in the committees of the organization. Your involvement is the same as the one of ordinary members. Associated Members receive documentation from the Secretariat and they may take part to MEDports Forum, General Assemblies, Workshops, committee meeting and working groups but don’t enjoy voting rights.

The IMFMM and the PTI join our former associated member Malta Marittima.


Created in 2009, the IMFMM is a training institution related to the Tunisian Ministries of Transport and Vocational Training which are specialized in the maritime, port, transport and logistics fields.

More than 100 highly qualified trainers from the business world offer a range of training courses in accordance with the Tunisian legislation. The Institute aims to develop well-trained, fulfilled, autonomous and competent trainees.

Since its creation, the MMFMM has trained 588 trainees in various specialties with a professional integration rate of over 78%.



Chedly Ben Abderrazak


Created in 1982, the Port Training Institute (PTI) is an affiliated institute to the Egyptian Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT). Its objective is to train and upgrade the maritime sector personnel.

Therefore, the PTI delivers courses in the fields of Port Management & Supervision, Port Management & Finance, Port Operation, Management of Safety Operations in Ports, Computer & Information Systems, Engineering & Technical Works, Gantry Cranes, Yard Cranes and Off-shore (fixed and mobile) Cranes and English Language.

Training courses are delivered by a team of Technical and managerial experts in education and training. Courses are tailored according to the needs of the customers and in accordance with the international standards and requirements of the ISO 9001:2008.


Alaa Morsy


Malta Marittima’ is a Government of Malta agency that was established through Legal Notice 41 of 2016. One of the Agency’s main objectives is to bring industry and government stakeholders together so as to focus and promote the continued and enhanced development of the marine and maritime industries in the Maltese Islands.

Malta Marittima is composed of a steering committee often Directors in all; five of which are nominated from within the public sector, viz., Transport Malta, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Malta Freeport Corporation, Regulator for Energy and Water Systems, Malta Enterprise; and five others which are appointed by government through a consultation process with industry stakeholders.


Jason Bongailas