Buena continuación Ramón Gomez-Ferrer!

On March 31st 2020, the former Head of Strategy and Innovation of the Valencia Port Authority, Ramón Gómez-Ferrer Boldova retired.

Ramón was an instigator and founder of the first day of the MEDports Association. During all his carrer, he has worked a lot for a better collaboration between ports.

Ramón has been an active and dedicated member. The MEDports will continue to embody and extend his work and we hope to be worthy of his legacy.

The MEDports wishes all the best to this founding member and welcomes his successor Juan Manuel Díez who will ensure excellent continuity and collaboration.

Thank you Ramón for your work and help and see you soon!

MPA - Ramon Gomez-Ferrer

Photo credit: elperiodic.com