MEDports Association participating in DocksTheFuture’s workshop

The MEDports Association is delighted to participate in the upcoming Conference Call organized by DocksTheFuture on April 28th. The topic of the Agenda is: “Increase harmonization between EU and non EU ports in terms of a common approach to the Port of the Future Topics“.

What is the DocksTheFuture project?

DocksTheFuture aims defining the vision of the Port of the Future in 2030. The Port of the Future will face challenges related to simplification and digitalization of processes, dredging, emission reduction, energy transition, electrification, smart grids, port-city interface and the use of renewable energy management.

Therefore, the project is beneficiary by the European Commission of a contribution of about 1,2 million Euro.

MEDports Association’s Participation

The goal of the meeting is in order to increase harmonization between EU and non EU ports, which constitutes one of the most important aims of the Association.