Principle measures taken by medports members to face the pandemic and support the internal business

Following the idea of the Porto de Aceu, the MEDports Association collect answers among its members to following questions:

  • How did you organize the employees that are not essential to work from the office?
  • What are the bans/restrictions on travel and/or meetings?
  • What are the special measures regarding the organisation of the operational teams?
  • What is the level of cooperation with other ports?
  • What is the level of engagement/actions to support local community?
  • Any new local authorities’ restrictions imposed to vessels docking?
  • Any special care with stevedores and Dockers? (or any labours that interact directly with the crew)
  • How do you ensure continued operation of port services?

And issued a document divided in 4 sections: Ports’ employees’ security, Operational services, Business continuity plans and Ports’ solidarity.


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