LOOP-Ports Project Presentation

Presented during the 6th Coffee Meeting by Rocio Garcia Molina from Fundación Valenciaport, the LOOP-Ports Project recently won the IAPH World Ports Sustainability Award 2020.

The LOOP-Ports Project

The LOOP-Ports Project, funded by EIT Climate-KIC, aims to develop circular economy activities in Ports.

As main expected results of this project:

  1. Mapping of the characterisation of EU ports on circular activities
  2. Report on key success stories
  3. In-depth analysis of the main obstacles and catalysts
  4. Training material for the port sector
  5. Workshops with key stakeholders
  6. Business models to be replicated accompanied by a tailor-made web tool showing the results of the project

In total, the LOOP-Ports Projects gathers 44 Members + 14 European countries:

  • 32 Port Authorities
  • 4 Public Authorities
  • 5 Port and Maritime Associations Members
  • 3 Industry Associations
  • 1 Environmental Management Organization

The MEDports Association, among with other Members, is very happy to be part of this great project!

IAPH 2020 World Ports Sustainability Awards

In February 2020, the LOOP-Ports Project has been shortlisted to compete in the “Climate and Energy” category of the World Ports Sustainability Awards.

On June 25th 2020, the World Ports Sustainability officially awarded the LOOP-Projects as best project of the year 2020!


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