Only 1 week before the Ro-Ro Seminar!

The Ro-Ro Seminar organized by the Juniors Network of the MEDports Association yakes place next Thursday!

The Juniors Network of the MEDportsAssociation is proud to remind the next event, the Ro-Ro Seminar, that will take place on the 3rd December 2020, from 10:00 to 12:30 am. This meeting is open to all!

Mr. Paul Tourret, Director of the ISEMAR, will present the opening session.

The session 1 about the Ro-Ro evolution factors will be moderated by Dr. Alaa Morsy from the ArabAcademy. The speakers are Ms. Anastasia Christodoulou, Research Associate at the WorldMaritimeUniversity, Mr. Paul Kyprianou, External Relations Manager at the GrimaldiGroup, and Mr. Imed Zammit, CEO of the CTN.

The session 2 will focus on how to develop and coordinate the Ro-Ro traffic between the MEDports network and be moderated by Mr. Philippe Guillaumet, the General Secretary of the MEDports Association. The invited Speakers are Mr. Nicolas M. #Andion, the Head of the Business Development of AlgecirasBayPortAuthority, Mr. Aly Assem, the General Manager of EastPortSaid, and Mr. Idriss Aarabi, Director of Import-Export Operations in the Port of TangerMed.


Welcome to our Speakers, welcome to everybody who is interested in the Ro-Ro!