In two weeks, the Joint MEDports/BPO Webinar!

Exactly 100 persons connected at the same time in the joint Webinar Baltic Ports OrganizationMEDports Association!

Many thanks to the BPO for their collaborative work!

This event will definitely lead to further multi/bilateral exchanges. New meetings have to be organized, as we have many things in common.

After the encouraging success of our Ro-Ro webinar in December 2020, the The MEDports Association had a new opportunity to gather its network of professionals on the subject:

“Onshore Power Supply in the Baltic and the Mediterranean”.

Exactly 100 persons were connected at the same time during the meeting, and 224 views on Youtube. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

The OPS, or onshore power supply, is a paramount tool to decarbonize the ports activity, as it helps reducing the #CO2 gas emissions through the branching of boats berthing at quay. The idea of our two organizations was to show the dynamic of OPS projects in our two seas and to pave the way for further #cooperation and projects. It showed that the #Mediterranean was a dynamic, innovative sea which would be the next logical step for the generalization of OPS and thus #sustainability


Presentation: BSR as the model region for shore power implementation: current development and path forward.
Bogdan Ołdakowski, Secretary General, Baltic Ports Organization


Presentation: Shore power in the Mediterranean: next logical step in view of the EGD and the Mediterranean ECA.
Philippe Guillaumet, Secretary General, MEDports Association


Quickfire presentations: Shore power from the ports and shipowners POV: experiences, practical examples and challenges.
Delphine Beudin, Head of Business Development, Port of Toulon
Raul Cascajo, Head of Environmental Policies, Port of Valencia
Charlotta Solerud, Environmental Strategist, Ports of Stockholm
Jordi Torrent, Head of Strategy, Port of Barcelona

Margus Vihman, CCO, Port of Tallinn & Klaus Kopelman, COO, Shore-Link


Discussion panel: Bringing it all together: best practices for future cooperation between the regions and their stakeholders.
Bogdan Ołdakowski, Secretary General, Baltic Ports Organization
Philippe Guillaumet, Secretary General, MEDports Association
Alexio Picco, Managing Director, Circle Group
Stéphane Reiche, General Delegate, Port of Marseille
Andreas Slotte, Head of Sustainable Development, Port of Helsinki


This webinar showed the necessity of cooperation between ports and with shipowners to implement projects such as the OPS. It was also the occasion to start cooperation with our partner the BPO. A cooperative work that will be followed by many others!


Next step: our joint webinar with the MedCruise!

A great thank you to Bogdan Oldakowski, Dr. Philippe Guillaumet 菲利普, Delphine BEUDIN, Jordi Torrent, Charlotta Solerud, Raul Cascajo, Margus Vihman, Stéphane Reiche, Alexio Picco, Andreas Slotte, Andrzej Urbas and Marta Friedrichowicz!