First Webinar of the series with the MedCruise: “The impact of the COVID-19 on the cruise, ferries and cargo ports”

Save the Date: In one week, our 1st MedCruise joint webinar!

In exactly 7 days, 2 major associations of the Mediterranean ports, the MEDports and the MedCruise will meet for the first episode of members-only series of webinars.


This first webinar, taking place on Thursday 23 February at 11:00 CET, will be on the subject:

“Impact of the COVID-19 on the cruise, ferries and cargo ports”


Patrick Verhoeven, Managing Director of the IAPH, will open the webinar with an overview on the impact of the pandemic of ports. Following his presentation, 3 ports of the Mediterranean will share their precious experience: the Port of Marseille-Fos, a common Member of both associations, will be represented by Jean-François Suhas. Port of Azores, Member of the MedCruise, will be represented by Luis Manuel Pinheiro Machado Luz. Tanger Med, Member of the MEDports, will be also represented by Idriss Aarabi and testify in the webinar.


Aziz Güngör, President of cooperation with other associations of the MedCruise, along with Philippe Guillaumet, will moderate the meeting.


A second webinar will follow this event and will more specifically focus on the perspectives of ending the crisis and solutions found by the ports to alleviate the situation.