10th Marlog Conference

Our Association jointly organizes with the PTI (Port Training Institute) the 10th Marlog Conference on “Digitalization in Ports and Maritime Industry” in Alexandria, from the 13th to the 15th June 2021. This conference aims to discuss the horizon of digitalization in ports, logistics and maritime industry.

The themes of the 10th Marlog are:

  • Digital transformation in port services administration & marketing
  • Digitalization of supply chain: Implications for future
  • The role of digital transformation of ports to reduce COVID-19 consequences
  • Artificial intellignece and robotics: Ports and logistics
  • Cybersecurity risk management in maritime and logistics industry
  • Smart ports entrepreneurial ecosystem development
  • Reinforcing capacity building for supporting digitalization in ports and maritime industry


Philippe Guillaumet, General Secretary of the MEDports, will attend as keynote Speaker.


Link to the event’s website: https://marlog.aast.edu/en/co-organizers


And a great thank you to the PTI for organizing such a tremendous event!