Joint interview by Connecting EU Insights


Philippe Guillaumet, General Secretary of the MEDports, attended an interview on the 27th April 2021 organized by Connecting EU Insights and moderated by Alexio Picco.


Bogdan Oldakowski, Secretary General of the Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) with whom we already organized a Webinar on OPS in February 2021, was the second interviewee of the meeting.

This joint interview was the occasion to give a comparative insight of what happens and which dynamics animate the ports of the two seas. The tackled subjects were the main environmental issues of both seas, the role of ports as energy hubs, their resilience in a context of disturbances and the evolution of the TEN-T European regulations.

Some lighter questions were asked to put both regions in perspective, a “match” between the MEDports and the BPO.

Given the superiority of Mediterranean football teams however, the play was not very balanced!


Cooperation is the keyword for success in both seas. A joint interview like this is the best way to go forward, and by the way strengthening our ties with a trusted partner association!