The 2nd webinar with the MedCruise proved to be a new success of our joint webinars series


New success in our 2nd Webinar with the MedCruise!

On the 15 June, this short webinar, moderated by Aziz Gungor and Philippe Guillaumet, focused on more technical aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the cruise and ferries sector. It follows the first webinar, which was a true success among our Members (see here), which aimed at assessing the losses experienced by our members due to the virus.


Main challenges, way forward: To discuss the main challenges and implementation of new protocols, tools, legislation


Our respected Speakers were:

Assoc. Prof. Barbara Mouchtouri and Prof. Christos Hadjichristodoulou from EU Healthy Gateways. She managed to summarize in a short time the main features of the Agency’s tool for contingency plan development and assessment at ports with a focus on each stakeholder’s actions.

Mr. Fernando Pou from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). He likewise presented in a pithy way the guidance document of the EMSA to ensure the safety and security of customers and professionals in a slowly resuming market.

Mr. Pierre Mattei, President of Lota Maritime Group. He perfectly showed how the ferries sector and more especially Corsica Ferries stayed, in comparison to cruises, resilient. They faced however challenging disruptions, the worst being the differences of reglementation between countries.


Cruise and ferries both need a unified, easily visible answer of the authoritiesto be able to resume activities as usual.


A loud thank you to our respected Speakers and the MedCruise for having made it possible!