MEDPorts Association has officially become one of the founding members of PLIKA!

A a non-profit virtual collaborative network, #PLIKA is dedicated to fostering cooperation, knowledge exchange, and mutual support within the Port Logistics Sector.

PLIKA is configured as the virtual campus where logistics-port communities learn together. It is a space where each collective can express themselves freely, give and find information and resources that can be applied in learning processes, transition, development of new procedures and innovation. 

Joining PLIKA provides us with a unique opportunity to amplify our impact and actively contribute towards shaping the future of the Port Logistics industry. By collaborating with like-minded organizations and professionals, we aim to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and promote sustainable practices that will benefit all stakeholders involved.

Stay tuned for future updates and opportunities to engage with PLIKA. Let’s shape the future of Port Logistics together!

For more information about PLIKA and how to become a member, visit the website