The recent diversions of vessels to the route via the Cape of Good Hope to avoid the passage through the Red
Sea and the straits of Bab-El-Mandab and Suez following the attacks and threats on navigation is disrupting
once again global and regional supply chains.

The diversions of vessels which were occasional at the beginning have been speeding up in recent weeks,
particularly by containerships and car carriers that are now mostly navigating via the Cape of Good Hope to
later reach Europe and the Mediterranean sea and ports.

This disruption is at least the third the industry and the sector have experienced recently in our region,
including Covid-19, the accident of the Evergiven in the Suez Canal among other minor incidents.

Throughout all these incidents and disruptions, Mediterranean ports have shown their resilience and capacity
to adapt to the changing environment and will continue to do so. In this respect, MEDPorts Association and
its members can assure to our various customers and stakeholders that we are doing all within our reach, to
be able to continue to provide the best services in the current circumstances and uncertainty.

MEDPorts is closely monitoring the situation in the Red Sea. In this respect, it has launched an assessment
among its members that shall be updated regularly to evaluate the impact on its activity of the recent
diversion of traffic to the Cape of Good Hope.