Press Release

Tuesday 23rd January 2024 – The MEDPorts Association announced five new members of the association in one single general assembly, marking a significant milestone in its continuous growth and development. Presently, the MEDPorts Association has grown and increased its activities to have 29 members (Port Authorities managing more than 200 ports in the region) and 4 associate members (Port Training Institutes) from all shores of the Mediterranean representing 70% of cargo and 90% of passenger traffic handled in the Mediterranean Sea from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, Lebanon, Slovenia and Albania. Indeed, we still thrive to gather as many member ports as possible in and around the Mediterranean in order to gain and exchange experience in the face of the dynamic developments in the marine sector.

It has been approved that the association opens its doors for applications from ports around the Mediterranean from Portugal, Mauritania and Jordan as an expansion to foster greater collaboration, bigger network and regional integration for a more sustainable port community. The Port of Nouakchott, Mauritania, is the first port welcomed into the association following this initiative.

Pino MUSOLINO, President of the Association, statedOne of the first goal I set up when I took over the presidency of MEDPorts was to enlarge the number of members and actively try to expand the reach of the association, in order to build a larger and stronger community of ports. After less than a year, all together, we are managing to get exactly in that direction. It is a common effort and I share these achievements with each and any of the actual members, and I am grateful of the trust the new members are posing in our association and our job. We are living complex and tough times, but I am sure that, with an ever-growing association, we will be able to support the creation of stronger bonds within the Mediterranean ports and I am extremely proud of the work and the results we have so far achieved and look forward in seeing the many more results we are aiming at getting for the next future”.

The new five members:

  1. Suez Canal Economic Zone, Egypt
  2. Port Authority of Malaga, Spain
  3. General Port of Catalunya, Spain
  4. Port of Rijeka Authority, Croatia
  5. Port Authority of Nouakchott, Mauritania

The increase of MEDPorts members is a welcome beginning of 2024 to a further growth in the network of the MEDPorts Association over the next years.

On another note, in March 2024, MEDPorts will launch its own challenge as part of a competition for all the young professionals of the maritime transport world to challenge their knowledge, to exchange their best practices and to project themselves in the world of tomorrow. Registration for the competition will be open on 1st of March for 15 days, and official start day of competition is 22nd of March, which marks the World Water day.

Lastly, it has been officially announced in the general assembly that the next MEDPorts Forum and physical General Assembly will take place in Malta on 30 and 31st of May, 2024. The Forum will tackle the threats and opportunities of MEDPorts Resilience in Today’s Agitated Waters.

Stay tuned on the MEDPorts website and social media for the upcoming events, MEDPorts Challenge registration and more details regarding the MEDPorts forum.