Malta, May 31st 2024

The 2024 edition of the MEDPorts Forum will be organized by the MEDPorts Association in Malta on May 31st 2024 hosted by Malta FreePort Corporation. This year, the theme of discussion focused on MEDPorts Resilience in Today’s Agitated Waters

Three Panels of MEDPorts Forum

Panel 1: Black and Red Seas Crisis: Impact on MED Ports

Main topics: Nearshoring, Structural vs Conjunctural traffics, Predictability, delays, increase of freight costs, security of navigation, alternative routes to the Suez canal,etc

Panel 2: Alternative Fuels and OPS: Towards a New Reality in the Mediterranean

Main topics: Bunkering of alternative fuels in the Med, EU and IMO legislation, OPS development, production of renewable energy in ports, etc

Panel 3: Port Employability in a Transforming Industry

Main topics: AI, digitalization, PCS, automation, security threats, new professional profiles, training, etc

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