MEDports’ 9th Coffee Meeting! { Part 1 }

Once again, it was a great pleasure to hold the weekly Coffee Meeting of the MEDports Association. We were very happy to welcome Mr. Hrvoje Kulusic from Dubrovnik’s Port Authority and Captain Aly from East Port El Said.

Happy 2 years MEDports!

What 2 great years!

Since its creation in June 2018, the MEDports Association has worked to create and strength a Mediterranean Ports and Associated Members network.

Since it’s creation, the organization held numerous Committees and participated and organized international events! It also supported various European Projects.

The meeting was the opportunity to thanks those working since the beginning in the organization but also those who joined more recently!

A feedback was made about the 1st Training Seminar of the MEDports Association and its 1st webinar, co-organized with the UfM.

In the following presentation, you will enjoy pictures are taken out from our archives.

Thank you to all those participating in the intern and international life of the organization and long life to MEDports Association!